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Green Motors Offers Two Types
of Plug-in Hybrid Conversions

Basic Converter based Systems

Premium Contactor type Systems

10% Tax Credit on all PHEV's
Kit/Total Power Battery Type Miles in EV mode Miles in Enhanced Mode Price

Premium Prius 5KW Lead Acid 10-15 15 $5,995.00 installed

Premium Prius 5KW LiFePO4 20 40 $9,595.00 installed

Premium Prius 10KW LiFePO4 50 100 $13,595.00 installed
Kit/Total Power Battery Type Miles as all electric Miles in Enhanced Mode Price

Basic PHEV 2KW LiFePO4 10 20 $2,995.00 installed

Basic PHEV 4KW LiFePO4 20 40 $4,995.00 installed

Basic PHEV 6KW LiFePO4 30 60 $5,995.00 installed

Basic PHEV 8KW LiFePO4 40 80 $6,995.00 installed
Basic Plug-in Hybrid Conversions
Can be used to convert any Hybrid to a Plug-in Hybrid.
All electric travel limited to below 34 mph.
Increase gas milage 40-100% while system is in use.
Premium Plig-in Hybrid Conversions
Only available for 2004-2009 Toyota Prius (gen 2) only.
Offers Electric Vehicle (EV) button to prohibit gas motor from starting while in use.
Only system to allow EV travel at speeds up to 52 mph.
All systems come with a 3 year limited warranty on all system components except batteries.
Batteries are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty