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Green Motors strives to deliver and service cost effective electric transportation that does not pollute the Earth.
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"Changing the world one car at a time"
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Plug-in Hybrid Conversions For Your Hybrid
Electric Conversion Parts
Electric Car Conversions
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Electric Vehicle Educational Materials
Electric Bicycles and Bike Conversions
100 + MPG!!!
Convert your Prius to a Plug-In Hybrid!
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Green Motors Inc is the first company in Arizona
to offer a Plug-In Conversion!
Electric Bicycles
Buy brand new Electric bicycles
20 mile range on a single charge
Pedal as little or as much as you want
Climb hills with little effort
Extend you biking range
Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit
Convert your favorite Bicycle to an Electric Bike!!
Any size bicycle can be conveted!!
Install kit in 1 hour !!
20 mile range per charge
Lithium battery pack included